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    Drive Revenue, Reviews, Repeaters & Reduce Costs with the power of AI.

    Mobile, WiFi & TV apps, Powerful Integrations and Guest Analytics.

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During stay Hotels are mostly Blind

…regarding how guests spend their time and money.

And even when they know something, they cannot influence purchasing behavior.

This is how we help them change that, at scale.

Link Key Stakeholders' Systems

Local Businesses & Content Partners

Hoteliers can choose from our hand-picked marketplace partners, like restaurants, retailers or activity providers. Our turnkey solution handles commissions & logistics, so they can focus on delighting guests.

Destination Management Companies

The 1st platform that integrates APIs from leading DMCs, under the same roof.

Pulling PMS data, we match guests with their respective DMC, respecting any existing hotel-DMC contractual agreements. E.g. a guest using the apps only sees excursions from her DMC.

We enrich DMCs’ content, offer unprecedented analytics and enable guest targeting using hotel’s awareness channels.

Property Management Systems

We integrate with the leading Hotel Property Management System (or PMS), like Oracle Hospitality’s Micros Opera or Protel to: i) deliver timely info to guests, in their language, ii) use their personal data for fast check-outs in our apps.


Booking engine for Hotel Restaurants


Real time availability

Linked with Exclusivi TV & Mobile apps, offers real-time bookings.  Supports voucher-based business scenarios.

Booking web-interface for Hotel Staff

Digitizing the mostly paper-based reservation process for restaurants & activities.

Offer personalized, visual discovery

Cross-platform TV apps

Exclusivi works with any Smart TV, leveraging our proprietary cross-platform tools.

Alternatively, we turn any hotel room TV to a Smart TV & wifi access point, leveraging our partnership with ZTE, the #1 IPTV box manufacturer globally.

iOS, Android & Messenger apps

Superfast, lightweight apps for immersive discovery and booking on the go.

Guest is identified , using a secret code handed over in the reception or found on TV; eliminating the need for yet-another registration. Try them below!


Guests are always 1-tap away from purchase

With industry leading integration of Wifi portal, PMS & mobile apps, Exclusivi achieves record download & conversion rates.

WiFi-PMS integration

Stay close with hotel guests with personal communication via the WiFi captive portal.

Collect Guest Feedback, the easy way

Collect Net Promoter Score and create stunning Surveys, which guests can complete without tedious sign-ups.

Room Try-On

Hotel Commerce reinvented

Offer immersive product discovery from the room’s TV. Travellers love to shop – help them find the best the area has to offer. Check a demo video here!

Top-notch partnerships

We partner with leading retailers, from Jewelery & Art Shops to local Fashion Designers and Producers, integrating with their eCommerce systems & helping them setting up their TV-shop.

Speak your guests language

As Chinese travellers are disproportionately keen to shop, our specialized partners help retailers communicate their offerings in Mandarin.


One-tap checkouts

Seamless checkouts with no data entry

Booking is done with no data entry at all: using PMS personal data and linking with agency rep or charging their room. This is frictionless, instantly gratifying eCommerce, made possible in a hotel context.


Upgraded room entertainment

Streaming Apps and Games

VOD apps like YouTube or Netflix and Android TV Games can be installed on demand.

IPTV that just works

Optional Sat>IP multicast server turning free-to-air Satelitte channels to IPTV feeds; multiplying the Live TV options, without affecting the hotel’s internet connection.

Content from external sources, from USB sticks to Apple TVs, can be distributed to all hotel rooms.


Analyze Behaviour vs Demographics

PMS Data meets App Analytics

We uniquely combine personal & reservation details from PMS with in-app analytics.

Consolidated profiles

We create consolidated profile for each guest, capturing every in-app interaction and response to our campaigns.

With powerful segmentation we identify patterns across nationalities, board types and family statuses.


Hyper-targeting accross the guest journey

Add a layer of human insights

Our UX research team  performs immersive field research and drafts typical guest personas (example here).

In-destination marketing Automation

We combine PMS data, app analytics & human insights to design Automated Email & Push Notification campaigns during the stay.

Notifications that drive action

Notifications that are targeted, timely, relevant and in the guest’s language.

We continuously A/B test and generate of best practices, leveraged at scale across our network.


Try it out!

See a TV app in your browser

Our TV apps are made with our proprietary cross-platform framework.

You can test it in your desktop browser here, simulating the TV’s remote with the keyboards’ arrows & enter key (don’t forget to zoom-to-fit).

Check our video demos

Check our Vimeo channel with demo videos of the TV, Mobile & Messenger apps.

Get the mobile app

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